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Visits to dental professionalsVampire
Just under half (49 per cent) of all Australians aged 15 and over had visited a dental professional in the last 12 months. Of these people, just over half (57 per cent) had been two or more times

Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013 

Good oral health is a key factor in maintaining health generally.

 To keep the healthy mouth message in students’ minds, Bones and Joints School has taken the approach of developing resources in almost all learning areas with a special emphasis on Year 9-10 Health and Physical Education. 

(Poster available below)

Teacher Resources

 For overviews of ideas for all modules organised by year group, please refer to the main Teachers’ page. 

The Students’ section of this site also contains some relevant links, including revision worksheets. 

If you have requests from families as to how to encourage a healthy routine at home, you may wish to refer people to the Families’ section. 


Graphic OrganisersYears F-2 Oral Health Teeth graphic organiserYear 3 Oral Health Teeth graphic organiser on A4Year 4 Oral Health Teeth graphic organiser on A4Year 5 Oral Health Teeth graphic organiser on A4 Year 6 Oral Health Teeth graphic organiser on A4Year 7 Oral Health Teeth graphic organiser 

Something for English students in Year 7 in 2015 

Advertising worksheets based around teeth. This work is challenging but it is in accordance with the Australian Curriculum. Students look at the history of print advertising about teeth and also show the history of printing. The worksheets are ready for photocopying.

Teeth Frequency of advertising words and activities 1965 Kolynos tootpaste competition identify features of advertising1937 Health and Physical Culture Nudism and identifying features activity1888 adverts for dentists Articles 4 to 7 Writing Task Articles 4 to 71818 Print Advertising Worksheet 1818 dentist Articles 1, 2, 3

English and History

Year 4 History Teeth Biography Pam Ayres Year 4 Teeth Pam Ayres I wish I’d looked after me teethYear 4 English Program Poetry Teeth 

Activities by year group 

Teeth words to print outYears 9-10 Teeth No Peeky Crossword Years 9-10 Teeth Find-a-word Anagrams Years 9-10 Teeth Clueless Crossword (hard)  Teeth Find-A-Word Years 7-10 Teeth Clueless Crossword (difficult) Years 7-10 Teeth Circle Find a Word (difficult)Years 3-4 Teeth Crossword with first letterYear 4 Teeth Wordsearch no word bankYear 4 Teeth Word definitionsYear 4 Teeth Word and definition matchYear 4 Teeth Crossword no word bankYear 4 Teeth CrosswordYear 4 Teeth anagrams with word bankYear 3 Types of teethYear 3 Teeth Wordsearch 2 directions onlyYear 3 Teeth Crossword with word bankTeeth Wordsearch no word bankTeeth Wordsearch all directions has word bankTeeth Wordsearch 2 directions has word bankTeeth Find a word Puzzle 8 directionsTeeth Find a word Puzzle 4 directionsTeeth Find a word Puzzle 2 directionsTeeth Crossword has word bank

Year 9/10 Health and Physical Education

Year 9 10 Piercings and teeth program

Introductory exercisePiercings think pair share

The resources below are for the oral presentation task. Please note that Article 2 is no longer available. 

The task itself

Year 9 HPE Teeth piercings task instructions

Teeth piercings presentation outline Teeth Art 1 to 8 Card Cluster piercings


Article 1 To pierce of not to pierce

Article 3 Dentists tell athletes Keep mouth guard take out barbell

Article 4 A Fatal Fad more trouble than chipped teeth

Article 5 Oral piercing risks and safety measures

Article 6 Oral piercings 

Article 7 Warnings for teens Teeth and jewellery 

Piercings and the law

Extra resource 1 Altern desire for a lip piercing info

Extra resource 2 PiercingFAQ WA Business

Extra resource 3 PiercingFAQ WA Parents

Extra resource 4 Piercing legal poster

Extra resource 5 WA health department piercings

Extra resource 6 WA child piercing and the law 

Teeth Whitening Program

Year 9 10 Adolescent Health Program Teeth Whitening

Related worksheets

Article 1 ADA Should I whiten my teethArticle 2 ADA What can go wrongArticle 3 ADA Whitening the natural wayArticle 4 ADA Teeth whitening the factsRole of govt and assoc Teeth whitening recalled news articleTeeth 2009 whitening news article worksheetArticle extra What happens when teeth whitening goes wrongTeeth Whitening making your own decision 


History of bathing and hygiene – including teeth. This seems to be a website for historical writers – has links to other sites of interest, especially clothing from medieval times. Information suited to historical romance, creative non-fiction.
Timeline of dentistry. Good starting point for developing a research assignment as it contains the list of important people involved in the development of dentistry.
A history of teeth cleaning 

Other resources

The internet has some fantastic resources and some links are provided below. 

Teeth Teacher links for primary and secondary 

Sesame Street  There are a great many videos and games here. Unfortunately, they do mention brushing in circles but this is no longer recommended – up and down only.

good diagram of a tooth and an explanation of its parts definitions of other words related to teeth a range of information (dinosaur teeth, writing prompts, craft)Anatomy of Teeth

Information on types of braces 

Want to see what happens when you go to the dentist?  You can complete the procedure.  You become the dentist! Notice that any surgery is a process. (requires Flash) It will need to be reviewed to assess the suitability for your students as it is surgery - albeit animated.


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