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Investigating the Ancient Past programme, “The Hobbit in Flores”.Year 7 History Skeleton Archaeology Worksheet the hobbit Year 7 Skeleton program History Lesson BBC and the hobbitYear 7 Skeleton program History Lesson BBC and the hobbit

Using Science and Art to learn about the skeleton. Go to The Getty Museum to download of one of their many lessons here.Art and classification from Getty Museum

Looking for some materials that are designed to enhance student literacy? 

You may find just what you are looking for, right here! 

As with the other sections, several levels of teaching materials have been included. For copyright reasons, some of these materials are links.

Graphic Organisers 2014F-2 Skeleton graphic organiser on A3Year 3 Skeleton graphic organiser on A3Year 4 Skeleton graphic organiser on A4Year 5 Skeleton graphic organiser on A3Year 6 Skeleton graphic organiser on A3Year 7 Skeleton graphic organiser on A3

Activities which reinforce relevant vocabulary

Bones IdiomsYears 3-5 Skeleton Communicative CrosswordYears 3-5 Skeleton CrosswordYears 6-8 Skeleton find a word 8 dir_0001Years 6-8 Skeleton Clue find a wordYears 6-8 Skeleton Circle Find-a-WordYear 6-8 Skeleton Clueless crossword 

PostersNever postpone supporting your bones


Did you know that one in five men develops osteoporosis?  

One in three women will develop osteoporosis.



Useful websites 

Many websites have drag and drop exercises to learn the parts of the skeleton.

Sesame Street This site has great videos – The Skeleton dance (lyrics can be downloaded).

Several detailed videos explaining bone growth. Uses correct terms so perhaps for older students or for younger

students to become familiar with the process and vocabulary. 

This site focuses on teen health.