Dairy Australia has a new website Foods that do good. It has a great deal of relevant information about the nutritional importance of dairy products.There are some great posters to download including these ones. 

Reducing health risks with a balanced dietDairy benefits





What do you students know about sugar? Find out using this Sugar Anticipation Guide.

Sugar Anticipation Guide


Teachers, remember to look after yourselves!

You are the education system’s most important resource.


    • At the end of the day when your energy is low, make sure you have a healthy pick-me-up available (skip the quick trip to the shop for sugar supplies!).    
    • Find time for recess and lunch or have something available for an ‘on- the-run’ snack (low sugar, low GI).

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There are many fun activities to support students to: find recipes, compare them, experiment  with replacing sugar or flour with a vegetable or fruit and to learn that cooking is all about chemistry and physics.



Food and adolescent health Anticipation guideFood and adolescent health assessment task sheet scenarios


Graphic Organisers  Year 8 Food OrganiserYear 7 Food Graphic Organiser Year 6 Food Graphic Organiser Year 5 Food Graphic Organiser



PostersWhen shopping, consider your health



Portion Size Lesson

Portion size is an area on which there is increasing focus. There are many ways in which children can learn about appropriate meal sizes, including making their own specially marked paper plates; comparing their usual meal sizes with ‘the plate’. These activities are particularly relevant to the Mathematics learning area. Being an appropriate weight prevents wearing of joints which can result in arthritis.


This document contains a lesson which is easily adapted for many year levels.Food portion and plates Mathematics lesson



A new Australian Healthy Food Guidelines has been released.   


  • Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. To obtain copies of Australian Guide to Healthy Eating booklet and poster contact: 1800020103 extension 8654 (toll free number) or email They are free. There are high resolution downloads to print yourself>
  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics is releasing the results of the Australian Health Survey 2011-2013 which is a fascinating source of data for older students.
  • Great resource for Health, Mathematics, Science, Children Family and the Community Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 
  • Research into the diets of the past, how long people lived and the causes of death are interesting ways of emphasising to students that their health habits today will determine their health issues in the future. 
  • Food marketing, especially to children, is a fruitful area of study. Analysis of sugar and fat content is an important skill for any consumer. 
  • For older students, food-related issues can also be incorporated into English and Media through the study of media texts, print text and online articles.