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Year 5 English Lesson: idioms and teethYear 5 English LessonTeeth Idioms and language


As you know, prevention of any disease is better than a cure (though we would not mind that either). This website, based on the Australian Curriculum, offers many opportunities to provide students with the knowledge to help them develop lifelong healthy habits. 

 There are many ways of understanding and encouraging a healthy lifestyle and there is a section on each.

Osteoporosis affects one man in three Make being healthy part of your identity


How can this website be useful? Hopefully, it will save you time.


This Teachers’ section has downloadable ideas for each primary year group covering all modules.

Year 3 Bones and Joints School overview A3 Years F-2 Bones and Joints School overview A3 Year 4 Bones and Joints School overview A3 Year 5 Bones and Joints School overview A3 Year 6 Bones and Joints School overview A3 

Under Students, there is information that they may find useful for assignments. There are several downloadable revision crosswords, useful websites and some study hints. 

The Families section contains some general information and links to online games, videos and other resources. This section has a special emphasis on younger children and early primary. You may be able to direct families to this section so they can support the aims of bones and joint school.



Template for making bunting (as shown above)Bunting

PostersFeeling ill because you are so stressedDisease and soft drink



Each module contains the ideas linked to Australian Curriculum content descriptions.You will be able to access information through the State School Teachers’ Union of WA TOPS program.A subscription to Curriculum Organiser also gives you access to these resources.Some lesson outlines are provided.Literacy and numeracy are emphasised. The various strategies provide models for the development of other lessons.Links to useful websites are included.Note taking and study hints are included as part of the student sheets.

All materials have been prepared by experienced teachers and a medical professional from Arthritis and Osteoporosis WA.