How do I look after my skeleton?

  • A good diet containing calcium rich foods, plus regular exercise can help make bones strong during all stages of life. 
  • Calcium is accumulated during childhood. A stronger skeleton is better able to withstand bone loss that may result in osteoporosis where bones break easily. However it is never too late to increase calcium-rich foods into your diet. Also, unstressed bones weaken because of the loss of bone minerals and decreased numbers of collagen fibres.
  • Vitamin D is critical as it helps the intestines absorb Calcium. The most abundant source of Vitamin D is sunlight (UVB rays). Following ‘sun safe’ guidelines, the safe time to go outside (with SPF) is before 11am and after 3pm.
  • Other important vitamins for bone health are Vitamins A, B12, C and K.
  • Weight-bearing exercise, especially later in life is important to reduce the incidence of bone-loss. Good examples of weight-bearing exercise include walking, Tai chi and lifting appropriate weights.