growth boy and bubbleHuman growth is a fascinating topic but it includes an enormous amount of information. Fortunately, there are several things that help you to understand a great deal about human growth:


  • You have experienced it! You know that you mature physically, emotionally, and in your ability to think and solve problems.
  • You know a great deal about growth from watching the world around you (animals, plants, even buildings tell us things about growth).

What is biology? A definition: Biology is the study of life.

Origin of the word? Early 19th century: coined in German, via French from Greek bios ’life’ + -logyOlogy is a word ending (suffix) meaning ‘the study of ..’.


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Science is very organised and logical so learning about biology is far easier if you use such frameworks as timelines, cycles and tables when taking notes.

growth potplant


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 growth hand in soil