Make being healthy part of your identity

Prize your health despise the upsize

 Who is responsible for your health?*

*This is a rhetorical question. It is asked to make a point rather than expect an answer. Of course, the point is that you are responsible for your health. It is a useful literary device when writing persuasive texts.


Searching for information to help you to look after your health?

This site has information on each of the following aspects:

 What is study? This is a great definition.


Study is transforming information until you are able to explain it in your own words.  In a way, you work until you could explain it to others so that they would understand it.


The pyramid shows what kind of study works. Your aim is to understand the information and ideas so well that you could help someone else to understand it. 


How do you transform information?


All you need to do is to think of a framework that is suitable for what you need to do. They are useful in any learning area. Not only do you learn as you go along, you have your study notes ready for revision! These frameworks include:


  • tables (recording information, preparing information for writing)
  • Venn diagrams (compare and contrast)
  • pie charts (fractions, amounts)
  • mind maps (making connections between complex ideas, connecting information)


You will receive few marks for copying from websites or books. Here are reminders about note taking from a written text.

 A reminder about reading strategies. Effective readers:

  • predict what will be in the text.
  • skim the text paying particular attention to the headings, pictures, captions and layout.
  • predict what you think will be in each section. (Reading texts in sections is called, chunking.)
  • read the text.
  • select a note-making framework suitable for the information you are extracting from the text. A retrieval chart is usually a good choice. Your teacher may have selected an appropriate framework for you.
  • use the headings from the text to create the sections of your note-taking framework.
  • re-read the text. Transfer the information from the text to the retrieval chart using key words, short phrases (if necessary) or the idea in your own words.

Retrieval Chart: Food Assignment


Reference  Why do we need to eat? Do all foods do the same job? What are the food groups? What is calcium? What is the glycaemic index?

Revision Sheets

These revision sheets are designed to be completed at different times: to learn vocabulary and spelling complete the world sleuth (Revision Sheet 1); to learn definitions complete the crossword (Revision Sheet 2); to revise for the final test complete Revision Sheet 3 where you have to write your own definition.Years 6-8 Food Revision Sheet 3 Word definitionsYears 9-10 Food Revision Sheet 3 Word DefinitionsYears 9-10 Food Revision Sheet 2 Word MatchYears 9-10 Food Revision Sheet 1 CrosswordYears 6-8 Food Revision Sheet 2 Word matchYears 6-8 Food Revision Sheet 1 CrosswordYears 9-10 Food Revisision Sheet 3 Word DefinitionsYears 9-10 Food Revision Sheet 1 CrosswordYears 9-10 Food Revision Sheet 2 Word Match